Regular Volunteering

Regular volunteering in Hertfordshire allows volunteers to commit to a charity or organisation on a more formal basis, which can range from giving a couple of hours a week or one day a month. Regular volunteering in Hertfordshire can offer many exciting opportunities for volunteers looking to gain new skills, meet new people and do something worthwhile for the community.

Volunteers are the lifeline for many charities, without them many would not be able to continue their good work. Charities benefit immensely from regular commitments made by volunteers as they bring a variety of skills, including specialised skills which in-house staff may not possess, they bring fresh perspective, add value to the activities of the organisation and contribute to sustainability.

How can I find regular volunteering roles?

If you are a volunteer looking for a regular volunteering opportunity in Hertfordshire, you can:

  1. Search our database found on the homepage:
  2. Register for our monthly volunteering e-newsletter on the homepage:
  3. Join our Facebook and Twitter channels for instant volunteering updates