Reach Out

Reach Out North Herts and Stevenage is a new scheme in Hertfordshire.
It links up local volunteers with local people who are home from hospital and who need a friendly face.
Loneliness affects people of all ages. Reach Out with Ami offers an easy way to find people near you who are lonely and isolated, see what kind of help they need. From a cuppa and companionship, to picking up a prescription, to making sure there’s milk in the fridge, all you need to do is register your willingness to help.
They work closely with the Hospital Discharge and Community Navigator teams in North Herts and Stevenage, so they know who might need a hello from someone local.
Simply enter your postcode onto the Ami website and you can see how many people in your area might need someone to say hello. You won’t be able to see anything about their identity or address, as nothing is more important than keeping the clients safe and protected. So, you’ll just see some fictional initials which allow Reach Out with Ami to let you know they are there.
To volunteer, you need to register and complete all the usual checks so that you can get started, and match you with someone local to you. You can access the website here. 
If you would like to volunteer, please email for further information.