Flexible Volunteering

Flexible volunteering is ideal for those who want to volunteer and make a difference to the lives of others but are unable to make a regular commitment to volunteering and can only dedicate a limited amount of time. Our new website: www.flexiblevolunteeringherts.org enables individuals to find flexible volunteering roles and organisations to add flexible volunteering roles as they become available. Individuals can search by job type, organisation type, start date and district location.

#TeamHerts Volunteering works with a large number of organisations across Hertfordshire to offer a range of opportunities for those who wish to get involved with flexible volunteering.







Micro volunteering

Micro Volunteering is small, quick, low commitment actions that benefit a worthy cause. The actions might be a task that could be accomplished as a whole unit from start to finish by one person within, 30 minutes or it might be an action that could be broken down into its component parts where an individual is just one of many people performing the same task to achieve an end result. Examples include proofreading a document for a charity, writing a letter to a sick child or knitting children’s clothes for a children’s charity.

One off volunteering

One off volunteering is an action that benefits an organisation once, for example volunteering at a festival or event. This could involve marshalling, helping with catering and refreshments, or taking photographs on the day.

How can I find flexible, micro or one off volunteering roles?

  1. Visit our flexible volunteering website: www.flexiblevolunteeringherts.org and use the search facility which enables you to find volunteer roles by job type, organisation type, start date and district location.
  2. Volunteers can sign up to the new monthly flexible volunteer’s updates email on the homepage: www.flexiblevolunteeringherts.org which features new flexible volunteering roles each month
  3. Join the #TeamHerts Facebook and #TeamHerts Twitter groups to get instant updates on all volunteering roles as they arise.
  4. Come to an Introduction to Volunteering event held across Hertfordshire where you can find out more about preparing to volunteer as well as meet charities that are seeking flexible volunteers.