Corporate Volunteering

Employee volunteering is good for your business and good for your workforce. Employees who volunteer through work are twice as likely to rate the corporate culture as positive, feel loyal to and proud to work for the company, be satisfied with career progression and be satisfied with their employer.

Group volunteering is a great way to build stronger teams and use skills to do something for your community. Whether you want to get out and be active for a day, or mentor individuals, we can help you find an opportunity that best suits your businesses interests and CSR objectives.

How can I find group volunteering opportunities for my company?

In order to ensure we match the type of volunteering opportunity you are looking for and can ensure the organisation is able to accommodate groups of volunteers please contact #TeamHerts Volunteering directly either via email: or call: 01462 689 409.


Aya from Guideposts says: 

"I worked with the #TeamHerts Volunteering team in my capacity as a Team Leader at Guideposts Mental Health Service for the last 1.5 years. During this period, the team were very supportive and accessible all the time. I was directed to the companies that could provide us some help and we managed to arrange help from local companies such as Wickes (decoration materials) and Watford Borough Council (decoration works). The team are very quick with their response and advice, and I've enjoyed working with them. I believe the #TeamHerts Volunteering team is doing a great job helping the charities and organisations to support each other in very practical way."

Case Study

#TeamHerts Volunteering helped to match up Triangle Community Garden with a corporate organisation, and the relationship has grown from there. You can read the case study here.