We are a Community Interest Company plant nursery based in Stevenage and Hatfield. Our chief aim is to provide a safe and friendly environment where a wide variety of people can feel included in their local community.

Our main site is the Roebuck on the B197 between Stevenage and Knebworth. We are open from Tuesday to Friday 10am to 4pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm, 48 weeks of the year. We also have the Learning Garden in Hatfield which is currently open every Tuesday from 10am to 2pm.

The whole project is volunteer lead with just one full time employee, Craig Ansell our brilliant project leader who started himself as a volunteer over five years ago.

Being outdoors is great for the mind and the body. And being connected to nature through the plants that we rescue, nurture and grow is a terrific stress buster. The many and varied tasks associated with running a plant nursery are dictated by the plants themselves. They let you know when they need water or repotting, or less water or more sun. And it is one of life's great pleasures to watch a plant grow. From a frozen pot in winter that seems to have no life at all to the first green shoots as the sun warms and then the wash of colour and scent as spring arrives. Magnificent.

We are extremely fortunate at Waste Not Want Want Not to have a fantastic group of volunteers who run the whole project. Without them there would be no nursery. We have between 20 and 40 volunteers every week and each one of them brings a great deal to the project. There are volunteers of all ages from 16 to nearly 80. Some people come once a week, others up to 3 times a week, some now again, whatever suits the individual and some may come with a supervisor or carer.

One of the innovative ways that the nursery is run is through the rescuing of plants. Other larger nurseries and growers pass on their stock that would otherwise be thrown away. Many of these plants can be nurtured back to full health and the reward of watching a plant that had being given up on spring back to life is extremely satisfying. We also grow many new plants from seed and plugs.

It is also a privilege to watch volunteers gain confidence and self-esteem by working within a diverse group of people with a common goal. Every volunteer brings they own skill set and life experience to the project which means we are constantly evolving and finding new ways of doing things.

All the plants that we nurture and grow are sold on site and the income generated pays for the running of the whole project.

If you would like more information please visit our website www.wastenotwantnot.org.uk

See you there.

Hal Fowler