How can I increase awareness and recruit volunteers through #TeamHerts Volunteering

There are a number of ways organisations, charities and projects who are looking for volunteers can promote themselves and their roles through #TeamHerts Volunteering: Those organisations who have invested time in working with #TeamHerts Volunteering to promote their opportunities have gained volunteers.

One of the charities we worked with stated it was “Great to have somewhere to advertise opportunities to a captive audience.”

So how can you go about it?

On the website there is the charities database which lists organisations looking for volunteers. This provides contact details for organisations looking for volunteers and gives a general overview of the type of roles they are looking to fill. More detailed role adverts you wish to be shared can also be published on our #TeamHerts Volunteering social media platforms.  

We have a highly engaged audience on Facebook and Twitter and we work hard to make sure the content is interesting and unique. Abby our Marketing and Communications Manager will happily promote your roles here along with events or volunteer stories. Remember to share and retweet these to ensure we reach a wider audience.

#TeamHerts Volunteering likes to think differently about volunteering. Many people do not have the time to commit to volunteer roles on an ongoing basis and with this in mind we recently launched our flexible volunteering website: to make it easier for people to find those one off, short-term, adhoc volunteering roles.

We encourage organisations to think about developing flexible volunteer roles to attract new audiences or consider if they could adapt their current roles. Flexible volunteering can be about getting in that extra pair of hands to help, for example at an upcoming event, however it doesn’t just have to be events. Maybe you need to refresh the photos on your website so could do with a photographer for the day, perhaps there are low level tasks that you never get round to completing or you have a wishlist of things you’d like to get done. In the first two months of the Flexible Volunteering website launching, 3 individuals have already followed through and gone on to support an organisation on a one-off basis. 

Keeping in touch with those interested in volunteering is one thing that is important to us. Our newsletter, which has over 700 subscribers, goes out every month featuring events, news and volunteer opportunities. We also feature a story from a volunteer in Hertfordshire who shares what they do and why they volunteer. This also provides the organisation with extra promotion, so if you think you have a volunteer who is willing to share their story get in touch.

#TeamHerts Volunteering runs an array of events which volunteer-involving organisations can use. The Volunteer Network Forums are structured sessions which look at different aspects of volunteer management and gives anyone who has involvement in managing volunteers the chance to discuss good practice and share ideas. Our Introduction to Volunteering events give information about volunteering to the public. These are sometimes delivered in the form of a workshop with a guest charity speaker at the end or could take the shape of a volunteer fair. 

Whether it is through our websites, social media, e-newsletter or events, #TeamHerts Volunteering can help you to promote your organisation's volunteering roles and ensure you get the right match.