Trustees' Week: "I enjoy that I contribute to such a worthwhile organisation like Herts Domestic Abuse Helpline."

October 22nd, 2018
Mary Lines

The Hertfordshire Domestic Abuse Helpline is a confidential, free, support and signposting service for anyone affected by domestic abuse. Mary Lines is the Vice-Chair of the organisation, and she tells #TeamHerts Volunteering how she supports them. 


Where are you a trustee for and for how long have you been doing it?

I am a trustee with Hertfordshire Domestic Abuse Helpline and have been with the charity for just over a year.


How did you get in to trusteeship and what do you do?

I became a trustee as I was looking for something to do which would be challenging, interesting and meaningful. I had previous experience in organisational management and governance as a board member and this role was therefore of interest to me. As a trustee, my colleagues and I are the governing board for the charity. We meet regularly and oversee the good functioning of the charity and also its finances.  There are certain legal responsibilities we have to meet. We also contribute to promoting the Helpline, fundraising and generally any development to keep us delivering our valuable service. We have a list of areas of interest/responsibility and each give time to deliver these and report back to the other trustees. The areas we chose are really determined by our skills and experience from other areas of work. I lead on policies, diversity and operational oversight.  


What do you enjoy about your trustee role, how does it benefit you? 

I enjoy that I contribute to such a worthwhile organisation.  I enjoy the challenges of what I am able to give, but also being part of a group of people who are working together. It benefits me personally by giving me an interest, a worthwhile activity and a feeling of satisfaction that I am achieving something concrete. I am also part of a team.


What difference are you making by being a trustee? 

As a trustee I hope I, with my colleagues and the Herts Domestic Abuse Helpline staff, am making a difference in how the charity is run; in helping it to develop so that those who use our service continue to benefit from the help we are able to give.


If someone was interested in finding out more about the organisations you volunteer for how could they get in touch? 

They can look on the HDAH website and contact the Coordinator, Neelam, on 07787 998687.

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