Trustees' Week: "I enjoy supporting a charity that I’m passionate about."

October 26th, 2018

Jessica Attard is a trustee for Mind in Mid Herts, which is a branch of the national Mind. The charity provides an array of services for residents in Hertfordshire. Jessica tells #TeamHerts Volunteering what her role is within the organisation. 


Where are you a trustee for and for how long have you been doing it?

I’ve been a trustee at the mental health charity Mind in Mid Herts (MiMHs) for 2 years now. MiMHs runs a variety of support services for people in Hertfordshire.


How did you get in to trusteeship and what do you do?

Through my day job, I’ve built-up my knowledge of the local health and care system and experience of working strategically with organisations from across different sectors to create impact. I wanted to use my skills, experience and networks by supporting a local charity. I searched for trustee roles online and felt that a local mental health charity like MiMHs would be a good fit. In my role as trustee, I attend governance meetings where we discuss our strategic priorities, financial plans and have oversight over key organisational risks and opportunities. I’ve also been involved in considering how we become an even more data-driven, and impact-led organisation.


What do you enjoy about your trustee role, and how does it benefit you?

I enjoy supporting a charity that I’m passionate about and using the full breadth of my skills, which may not always get used in other aspects of my life. I’ve met a great network of other trustees and learned more about the reality of the challenges faced by small charities, which is a useful perspective in my day job as a Funding Manager.


What difference are you making by being a trustee?

The difference I aim to make by being a trustee is to bring an insight into the funding landscape from a national strategic perspective, as well as local insights into the wider health and care system. I hope that ultimately this helps MiMHs to continue delivering sustainable and services that are so valued by those who use them.


If someone was interested in finding out more about the organisations you volunteer for how could they get in touch?

For more information about Mind in Mid Herts, or if you’re interested in volunteering of fundraising for us visit our website here.

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