Trustees' Week: "I am very passionate about making a difference to peoples' lives."

November 6th, 2018
Laura Bell

Watford-based registered charity Electric Umbrella is a unique co-creation between adults with learning disabilities and professional musicians, working together to challenge perceptions. Laura Bell is a trustee for them, and tells #TeamHerts Volunteering what she does for the organisation. 




Where are you a trustee for and for how long have you been doing it?

 I have been a trustee for Electric Umbrella for over a year and this is my very first trustee role. 


How did you get in to trusteeship and what do you do?

I have a strong background in the voluntary sector and am an experienced HR Professional. I am working closely with the board of directors in a project finance company, and wanted to give my time and experience to the charity sector, while at the same time develop my understanding and skills of strategically leading an organisation. I am one of five trustees on the board, and I work closely with them and the directors to define our strategy and approach. I also specifically bring HR and employment law expertise. 


What do you enjoy about your trustee role, how does it benefit you?

I am very passionate about making a difference to peoples' lives and being a trustee allows me to do this. I get tremendous job satisfaction for using my skills and experience for a good cause. Electric Umbrella is an exciting organisation to be part of, where quality and focus on our members is paramount in an entrepreneurial and creative environment. 


What difference are you making by being a trustee?

I am helping to provide HR excellence to the charity while working closely with the other board members and directors to drive the charity's strategy forwards. My HR and management background lends itself well to understanding the importance of governance in the sector. Personally, I am quite a creative thinker and used to dealing with change and this feels like a good fit with Electric Umbrella.  


If someone was interested in finding out more about the organisations you volunteer for, how could they get in touch?

Our website is: and we have a Facebook page, both of which outline our different shows and events. It is highly recommended to come to an event and experience the magic that is Electric Umbrella! To get involved, either as a member or a volunteer, you can email