"I wanted to do voluntary work that was far removed from the sort of thing I had been doing in my day job."

August 9th, 2018
Helen volunteers for Courtyard Arts in her spare time. She tells #TeamHerts Volunteering what she does for them. 

Where do you volunteer and for how long have you been doing it?

I volunteer at Courtyard Arts in Hertford and have been there for a year.

How did you get in to volunteering and what do you do?

A friend of mine worked at Courtyard Arts, and my son had done a bit of voluntary work there a few years ago, so I knew of it. When I semi-retired at the end of 2016, I wanted to do voluntary work that was far removed from the sort of thing I had been doing in my day job. I have always had a strong interest in the arts and Courtyard Arts needed stewards for the Centre - it was a perfect fit for me.  

Stewards have a range of responsibilities, from staffing the Gallery and gift shop to making tea and coffee for cafe visitors and our class members. It's a very varied half-day and there is always something different to do.

What do you enjoy about your volunteer role? How does it benefit you?

There are so many things I like about my volunteer role, from knowing that your efforts are helping the organisation run, to meeting interesting, enthusiastic friendly people of all ages. I love seeing the new artworks that appear regularly, and it is always a good place to pick up a unique gift for a friend or relative.

What difference are you making by volunteering?

Like a lot of other organisations, Courtyard Arts would not exist if it had to pay for all the hours that are put in by volunteers. I am giving my time to this community so that it is able to provide the things that are at the heart of it's existence. 

If someone was interested in finding out more about the organisations you volunteer for how could they get in touch?

Anyone interested in giving their time can find out more about what we do at www.courtyardarts.org.uk - we would love to hear from you whatever time or skills you may be able to offer - contact us at centredirector@courtyardarts.org.uk.