"I feel that I am using the skills from my working life to help with the running of an organisation."

August 3rd, 2018
Val Quieros

Val Quieros is a treasurer for Letchworth Arts and Leisure Group, and has been volunteering all her life. 

Where do you volunteer and for how long have you been doing it?

I am currently the volunteer treasurer for the Letchworth Arts and Leisure Group (LALG), a local umbrella organisation which has around 1600 members and links them with 100 small groups offering a range of leisure activities. As treasurer, I account for the subscriptions paid by members and the payments and expenses to suppliers. I also look after the accounts of about 10 of those groups. I have been treasurer for the past 3 years, although I was also the treasurer when the LALG was first set up 30 years ago.


How did you get in to volunteering and what do you do?

I have always been involved in volunteering, from when I was a teenager in Cornwall and was involved in fundraising activities, then at college I helped with after-school activities in East London. When I moved to Letchworth in 1979, I was involved with various charities when my children were young, and I helped in their schools. I have spent most of my working life in the Third Sector as an accountant for two national charities based in Hertfordshire, Groundwork East and the Multiple Sclerosis Trust, where I continue to support with fundraising activities.


What do you enjoy about your volunteer role, how does it benefit you?

I enjoy meeting people in my local area, and the feeling that I am helping in some small way with the running of a community-based organisation. I am now retired so I am continuing to use some of the skills built up during my working life, and hopefully keeping my brain active!


What difference are you making by volunteering?

I feel that I am using the skills from my working life to help with the running of a local organisation, which is a valuable asset to the community in which I live. 


If someone was interested in finding out more about the organisations you volunteer for how could they get in touch?

The LALG website is a good place to start, www.lalg.org.uk, and there are also details in David’s bookshop and the local libraries.

Also The Multiple Sclerosis Trust is always keen to recruit new volunteers, their website is www.mstrust.org.uk