June 28th, 2017

Dianne, a Volunteer Hub Leader at Carers in Herts, Hoddesdon, tells us how she got into volunteering and what it means to her.


How long have you been volunteering for Carers in Herts? How did you hear about them? What made you want to join and help?

I have been a Volunteer Hub Leader at the Carers in Hertfordshire Hoddesdon Carers’ Support Hub since it started in January 2016. The Hub is a group for carers that meets monthly so that they can get together to have a break from caring with other people who understand their situation as well as share advice and experiences and learn about services and support for them.

I started volunteering after recovering from cancer as I was looking for something to do to help others and use my skills. I knew about the excellent work of Carers in Hertfordshire through my previous jobs in the NHS. I had experience of caring for various relatives so I felt confident about becoming a volunteer with the charity.

How often do you volunteer for the project and do you balance this with work or other life commitments?

There is a meeting once a month and then I spend a few additional hours preparing for the meeting. The Hub Leader is a lovely role and I enjoy meeting and getting to know so many carers. We try to give support to each other and to the carers, who tell us they really value the monthly meeting and look forward to it. I feel pleased that a small amount of my time and effort goes a long way to helping others.
As a carer too, I have found the Hub helpful in getting information to support me in my caring role, for example I have found out the latest information about benefits and also the Carer’s Assessment from guest speakers.
Why would you recommend people to volunteer at Carers in Hertfordshire?

Carers in Hertfordshire is a fantastic charity with the practical support it provides unpaid carers and the role it plays in local policy and decision-making. The charity has great energy for today and not just the future. Everyone is so friendly and I feel valued and supported as a volunteer.

Around 200 people share their time, skills and experiences to help Carers in Hertfordshire to identify and support Hertfordshire's family and friend carers and the charity couldn't manage without its volunteers. Whether someone helps occasionally or regularly, their efforts are appreciated all year round.
However, the charity still needs people to volunteer to help support unpaid carers looking after someone who is elderly, disabled or ill. There are a number of volunteer roles available so please get in touch direct if you would like to volunteer: Julie Hayes, Volunteer Co-ordinator on 01992 58 69 69 or email
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